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Assisting in DNA Testing for Your Legal Needs


Legal Testing: Accredited Process for DNA Collection and Reporting

Why Legal?

If there is a reason to believe that results from your DNA test may be needed in court or for any other legal matter, then we recommend performing a legal DNA test. Strict procedures must be followed in terms of sample collection, documentation, and official lab reporting. As an AABB-accredited DNA laboratory, we are qualified to administer testing for legal purposes.

What to Expect?

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Sample Collection

Mouth swab DNA samples will be secured for shipment by one of our qualified third-party collectors.

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Chain of Custody

Legal documentation, known as the chain of custody, must accompany the certified samples in transit.

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Official Reporting

We will process your samples and send a notarized report documenting the results of your legal DNA test.

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How Long Does the Test Take?

Our typical processing time is 1-2 business days after our lab receives your samples. Samples received after 1:00pm will start processing on the next business day.

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Can My Case Be Rushed?

Yes. Ask for details.

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Official Reporting

We will process your samples and send a notarized report documenting the results of your legal DNA test.

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How to Purchase?

Price is customized for each test case and will be explained over the phone. We take customer privacy very seriously, so you can rest assured that sensitive information shared with lab personnel will always be treated as strictly confidential.

Please contact DNA Paternity Testing Experts to order a legal DNA test. One of our lab representatives will consult with you regarding available options, help to finalize your purchase, and schedule an appointment for DNA sample collection at a designated location near you.

If you are anywhere in North Carolina, you can enjoy the convenience of our mobile DNA services. There may be a fee travel to service other areas outside of Forsyth County.

Payments are due at the time of the DNA collection or if other arrangements has been agreed upon in advance.

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • PayPal
  • Money Orders
  • Certified Checks
  • Cryptocurrencies

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Disaster Victim Identification

The occurrence of a natural disaster or criminal attack can sometimes lead to tragic losses of life. We help identify the bodies of disaster victims through forensic DNA analysis.

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Non-Standard Sample Processing

Along with standard mouth swabs, our laboratory tests human blood, tooth, bone, and tissue samples. We are also proficient in extracting DNA from an assortment of physical items.

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